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Illinois Association for Music Therapy – Member Spotlight

Illinois Association for Music Therapy – Member Spotlight

Thanks to the folks at the Illinois Association for Music Therapy for inviting me to be the  spotlighted member for the month.  Click here to hear my story of what brought me to being a music therapist, and why I stay.  Check it out at


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Loving Yourself and Maintaining Balance.

January was a crazy month for me — I feel like I am just emerging from the mayhem of the holidays then a very busy professional month. I found myself watching the work of my colleagues via YouTube, Facebook, Blogs and websites. We MT-BCs were very active. Me personally, I did an internet radio show, a presentation for a music fraternity, wrote a wellness article for my employer, co-lead an important planning meeting with colleagues, and gave a lecture plus experiential workshop for an Intro to Creative Arts Therapy class at a local university. On top of all of that I also directed a women’s choir in two soulful songs I arranged for a church service post MLK Day. I’ve realigned my schedule to accommodate new clients, and have been posting for another blog about music for young children. I kept moving forward with my regular job and contracts too of course. I guess I mention this because I have not been writing/blogging much lately.


In honor of this work, I am going to treat myself well and take a bit of a retreat this next weekend to re-energize and recharge my batteries. Between that and the love of my family, I can think of no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

May you find a way to love yourself deeply this week. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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