Musical Moments classes

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Started in 2012, Musical Moments is a program designed for Montessori and traditional preschools held in the classroom with children who are neurotypical or different learning styles. It is not a music therapy program, but borrows from this tradition of creating a positive musical environment geared for success.  Because musical behavior comes naturally to most children, it is designed to cultivate socio-emotional development by exploring ways to be together musically and socially. We target the skills of turn taking, sharing, impulse control, free expression, and appreciating each others’ contributions. We explore the elements of music (melody, harmony, texture, dynamics, tempo, and rhythm), while developing pro-social behaviors.

The structure includes opportunities for children to be engaged in the four ways to be musical – listening, moving, playing instruments, and singing. Each session has a little of each, giving all the children a way to participate that is comfortable and accessible depending on their interests and participation style. Some examples:

“When You See a Friend Say Hi” – In this song we practice welcoming each other, finding our individual and collective voices, and musically practice being kind to new friends.

“People in Your Neighborhood” – In this song we talk about all the people we meet from the checkout man at the grocery store, to the crossing guard, to our teachers, and police officers. The children get the chance to explore who are these important members of our community.

“Sully Lully” – A beautiful lullaby used to explore a child’s space, high and low, side to side, near and far. We dance with scarves and learn about our personal space, increasing awareness for our personal boundaries while enjoying the artistic contributions of one another. This is also a nice song for winding down, cooling down, and quieting oneself to get ready to focus on work time.

Please contact us if you are interested in bringing this special program to your child’s school.


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