Music for Insight

As stated by the American Music Therapy Association, “Music therapy for clients with mental health concerns uses musical interaction as a means of communication and expression. The aim of therapy is to help individuals develop relationships and address issues they may not be able to address using words alone. Music therapy sessions include the use of active music making, music listening, and discussion.”

By engaging in songwriting, lyric discussion, clinical improvisation, and guided meditation exercises, our clients develop tools for self expression.  This lends to self discovery and insight, followed by validation of one’s feelings.Blue Guitar in Field

Within a music therapy session, our clients can practice and put into action the concepts learned in verbal therapy, and can be a place where feelings can be explored safely within the structure of the music and the therapeutic relationship.  Whether a client comes for 10 sessions or an ongoing relationship that spans years, exploring music together may improve insight into an ongoing struggle, shed new light on a way to feel fully, practice mindfulness, and make space for self-exploration through sound.  Music therapy for mental health is NOT limited to musicians, and is accessible for those with no musical training or background.

We welcome clients open to new possibilities and their own potential.

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