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A few years ago I made an intention to serve my community in a way that was unique to my talents. I was stressed by the many requests for volunteerism, for obligations to serve, for ways to be involved and engaged in relationship with friends and community.  I had to set a healthy limit that felt authentic to me, and allowed me to deepen these connections with others.  It was to honor and live a life within music.  That may seem obvious to those who know me personally, but that is only through the conscious effort to make that commitment a reality.  For example, someone asked me to lead the Brownie Troup for my daughter.  I turned down this request but committed to helping fulfill their music badge.  A leader in my religious organization asked me to lead an ensemble of singers for presentation at services – it was quite an artistic leap for this usual soloist but became a wonderful challenge I’ve embraced now for several seasons.  Living a life in the music is what I have come to understand is a formula for happiness for me.

It is from this place of balance and art making that I live my life.  Whether at the recent GLR Conference learning about other MT-BC’s research projects and clinical approaches, to visiting my relative at the piano in her healthcare facility, to sitting in a spring meadow with the awakened critters and insects, to riding my bike with my family, I hear and feel the music and its application in therapy.  Quantifying and qualifying the work as a professional behavioral health practitioner in music (formally call a board certified music therapist), to being a loving presence helping to stimulate brain functioning and enhance social connections through musical play and sharing, to listening to the rhythms of the natural world, I live IN the music.  As I write this, I’m even listening to recordings for rehearsal in my rock band, looking forward to the next time we get to play together.  Play together – now there’s a thought.  Living IN the music is my preferrend way to play with my friends.  Making life beautiful, playful, living in flow and in rhythm with others.  That’s my musical life.

Where is your passion?  What are you on this planet for that brings you joy? How are you making life meaningful?

Keep singing.img_0775

1 thought on “Inspiration Everywhere”

  1. Thanks for the follow, Victoria.

    By the way, I’m sure you’ve seen the Evelyn Glennie Ted Talk “How to Truly Listen’, but just in case not, I think you’d enjoy it: If you’ve seen Evelyn Glennie speaking, you’re less likely to have seen the British artist Marcus Coates speaking about his ‘Dawn Chorus’ project. It was magical:

    Best wishes

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