Magical Moments

Coping with hospitalization

I met with a child earlier this week.  My goal was to help her cope with being in the hospital after her surgery.

It became quickly apparent to me that this child had a great sense of rhythm, so we spent a good deal of time playing the hand drums together.  Call and response, echoing, having a musical conversation….  Then we found a rhythm together and sang a repeated phrase back and forth while drumming.  I invited her mother to join in the music making with us, and we discussed the drumming traditions her mom grew up with in Africa.

At the end of the session her mother commented that she had been nothing but stress for three days now.  This was the best she had felt since her arrival.

Funny how my goal of “coping” may have been even more effective for this child’s mom.  I was happy to help this family find a few precious moments of laughter and connection together.

1 thought on “Coping with hospitalization”

  1. This was a really nice post. Thanks for sharing. It felt like a real life experience. A touchable and direct benefit of music theraphy. I bet this mom is grateful for having spent some time with you. Nice work.

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