How Can Music Therapy Help Me, My Loved Ones, or My Clients?

Now that’s really the question, isn’t it.  How can music therapy help me or the people I care about?  If you have landed here at our Oak Park Music Therapy studio and services page, you probably already know a little bit about music therapy and are looking into services in your area.

Maybe you have heard some of the great media stories about how Senator Gabby Giffords’ treatment team helped to heal and rewire her brain through singing.  Maybe you’ve seen the clip of the older gentleman “awakening” while listening to some of his favorite tunes on headphones.  Maybe you even have a person living at your house who seems to respond well to you when you wrap your words in song.

The truth is, for anyone who struggles with something difficult – learning, emotionally, physically – a music therapy approach can be really helpful in moving what might seem like mountains.

At Oak Park Music Therapy our approach is a clinical, evidenced-based approach to harnessing the power of music to make change happen.  Our team of music therapists (see About Us) is ready to work with your child with different abilities (see Music Based Sensory Learning), your parent with dementia (see Older Adults), your adolescent with depression (see Music Psychotherapy), or your healthcare team experiencing occupational stress and grief (see Events/Presentations).  Our approach to music learning (see music lessons) is for both learners needing some significant adaptations for success, and for typically developing children and adults who want a supportive non-punitive approach.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find testimonials from our clients and colleagues (see Testimonials), interviews (see Press/Publications), information about our Musical Moments program for early childhood classrooms (see Musical Moments), and you could even visit our virtual recital from last summer. There are dozens of blog post entries to read based on your interests.

Welcome to Oak Park Music Therapy – where we embrace music for extra ordinary people. Please contact us if you have questions or want to get involved.


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